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Our Valued Partners

Current & Past



This client approached us for consultation on how to streamline their monthly reporting processes for clients. A Prototype model was built in Excel, and after a discussion of what is possible and what data is important in their business, embarked on building a custom Cloud Platform, enabling API data access, automated reporting and machine learning to free up even more time for their analysts to truly add value to their clients.



PedersenGroup were engage to help out with business processes in the finance and operational spaces. Putting in place robust processes, defining master data (and the supporting governance), and KPI Dashboards. We designed and implemented a Cloud solution allowing us to stand up a PowerBI reporting solution combing their Xero and DEAR Inventory data. 

Most recently working with them on M&A activity and performing the required due diligence on the deal.


Punchbowl Packaging

Market Leader in Sustainable packaging and Kiwifruit packaging, Punchbowl came to PedersenGroup to review some of their business processes in the Accounts Payable space. We also worked with them on their forecasting process, bringing their customers along with them to enable a more collaborative approach.

Synlait Logo.png


PedersenGroup has been providing ongoing commercial support to Synlait over the past few months, as well as leading the RFP process for export freight tender as a bespoke project.

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